Philosophy to Healing

* The Body Heals Itself

*We are born with the systems (software) to complete healing

I look at our bodies as living computers that have a set of instructions on how to run the organism.  When we are conceived the chromosomes come together forming the operating system for our bodies.  Everything we need to be a human being is there.  From breathing, to digesting, to balancing, to healing etc.  You get the idea. It has been my experience it is the stimulation of these systems that start the process of healing and re-balancing.  Ortho-Bionomy is a system designed to interface with these systems there by stimulating the beginning of the healing process.  This is why I call myself myself a software engineer for the body.

Regardless if the problem is caused by physical injury, repetitive motion, emotional crisis the body has a set of rules it needs to accomplish in order to be a functioning human.  The body must satisfy these rules first then it can allow us to do what we ask but still it allows us to do these functions the way it sees fit.  Sometimes what we want and what the body needs creates a conflict.   In order to survive the body has to organize and track in a certain way to be stable.  Sometimes this way of stability leads to the creation of pain and sometimes secondary injuries and problems.  When the software is addressed this allows for the optimal functioning of the system and healing can be complete.  It is a paradox that in the body’s attempt to create stability it creates instability.

So when working with any problem I try to look at the body as a whole system.  I take the premise that your body has all the necessary systems to heal itself and my job is to help it receive the information it needs to stimulate these systems to bring about a healing and balancing response.   I look at pain as an outcome of our bodies attempt stabilize itself to some action or incident.  Even with acute injury there is more than just the injured area, its how the whole system looks to stabilize the body around the injury.   It is an inside out approach that allows your body to understand the problem and  bring understanding to innate intelligence whose job is to keep you standing so you can function in your world as the biped you are.


When assessing injury and/or pain Ortho-Bionomy looks always to follow the body to positions of comfort and support them there in a position of non stress.   We use a series of trigger points and movements based on what symptoms the body is presenting.  I also look closely at how the Kinnetic Chain of movement is flowing and responding.  Moving from toes to head I look at how all the working parts are fitting together.  I look for where movement stops or hits the wall.  I look to see if there is engagement at all.

By applying the techniques of Ortho-Bionmy in a soup as the problem is presented that the map unfolds.  Where to work, what techniques to apply and when to apply them all start with where the injury or pain resides then following its tentacles outward.  It has been my experience that the pain or the problem is where we experience it  but not usually where it starts. And even in acute injury there are usually secondary patterns that continue to exist after the tissue heals that keep the body in a state of continuous discomfort and relapse.

* The pain and injury is not the only place where the problem exists

* Taking a global view of the body as a whole shows us the bigger picture of our symptoms

* The body cares more about being stable than being out of pain.  This is the Big Paradox.