Canine OB

Ari Stein – Ortho-bionomist/Therapist/Injury Prevention Specialist

Ortho-Bionomy By appointment.

The term “Ortho-Bionomy” comes from “ortho” meaning correct or straight, “bio” meaning life, and “nomy” meaning the laws of or study of.

Ortho-Bionomy® focuses on holding and moving the body into areas of comfort, supporting and responding to subtle movements as the dogs body unwinds and begins the process of bringing itself back into balance. In Ari’s experience, there has been noticeable improvement, relaxation and significant relief after a few sessions. By continually applying these techniques and maintaining balance through periodic sessions, in time, muscles and bones will relearn how to function properly again. Sessions usually last 30 minutes.

Ari has been practicing bodywork for 20 years. His interest in bodywork however started when he was a kid. Ari was the one the family went to for their “back rubs”. He seemed to always have a knack for the work. No one kenw at the time but he was destined to be a bodyworker.

Before starting his life long journey into bodywork he recieved a a degree in psycholgy form the University of Albany in up state New York. While in college Ari continued being the person in the dorms everyone would go to if they were hurting. Regularly you would hear “how did you know that hurt” or “that’s amazing, what did you do”. His answer was always the same “I just listened to my hands and followed where they wanted to go”.

Ari started studying Ortho-Bionomy while in Las Vegas in 1998. After taking several classes over the next 2 years he decided OB is what he wanted to practice. That is when he first came to Monterey, to open the Spa at Pebble Beach as a massage therapist and dive into his studies of Ortho-Bionomy®. Since 2002 he has maintained a private practice in Ortho-Bionomy® while also working for periods of time in the offices of Dr. Peter Franklin, Dr. Stephen Barkalow and Dr. Abraham Kryger treating acute and chronic injury and pain.

Now Ari offers his services for dogs at The Raw Connection! Although dogs and humans are structurally different, they are both capable of being realigned and stabilized so the balance is restored. Considering that (because) dogs are quadrupeds, their bodies are going to stabilize and maintain gravity on a horizontal plane, as opposed to humans who hold themselves vertically to the horizon. The essential factor is that regardless of the direction, the dysfunction the body is always trying to maintain balance to the horizon so it can function in its world. Through Ari’s years of experience, he is able to gather relative information about where the body is holding and bracing creating a road map of where to work and what progressions to follow.

Because dogs cannot directly communicate their needs and areas of pain, Ari listens to and works closely with the owner. Together as they work, Ari and the owner go through a history of the dog’s life — gather information about habits, behaviors and past experiences. The answers offer many clues to what the dogs body is doing and how to go about a progressive treatment plan.